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This is the wood dust equivalent of a full wood smoke flavour larder incorporating six of the most popular wood dust flavours suited to a wide range of different foods and cold or hot smoking projects.

  • 6 x 500g packs of pure wood smoking dust
  • Flavours included: oak, beech, hickory, apple, cherry and maple or similar
  • Packaged in kraft gift box Includes our
  • Guide to Wood Smoke Flavours

Product Description

The dust can vary in consistency, the oak, beech, cherry and maple are a fine particle ideal for cold smokers and the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, whilst the hickory and apple are larger particles ideal for use in hot smokers such as the Camerons.

Flavours can be mixed to create the optimum consistency for the particular smoker you are using. Try these dusts, soaked first, on any hot charcoal smoker or bbq too.

All the wood is sourced sustainably from managed estates.

Oak - a strong smoke flavour which works with most types of food including fish, cheeses and red meats

Beech - a milder hardwood flavour ideal for more delicate non oily fih or poultry

Apple - a medium strength smoke flavour, ideal for white meats and poultry as well as cheeses

Cherry - slightly sweeter than the apple, cherry is an ideal partner of game and poultry

Maple - a medium strength hardwood which works well with pork and fish such as trout (Alder is an excellent substitute for fish)

Hickory - a strong hardwood ideal for red meat and oily fish such as mackerel.

Our chips are packed by weight (500g) in recyclable cellophane bags. sealed and labelled and packaged in a kraft gift box.The collection is supplied with our Guide to Wood Smoke Flavour with information on how to use wood smoke flavour and what works best with which foods.

Please note: we may occasionally substitute one or other flavour depending on stock availability, but we will aim to provide a comprehensive flavour range.

All woods for smoking are sourced from FSC or equivalent PEFC certified and the wood is completely natural and untreated. Our suppliers undergo a stringent audit for each of the sources they select to ensure they are truly sustainable and of the appropriate grade.