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The Spherificator Kit

The Spherificator Kit

The Spherificator Kit


Chefs are constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries of what is possible in a culinary context. For years the Molecular Gastronomy community has been using techniques to create dishes that challenge culinary norms and present food in a way that is familiar, yet extremely different. One of these methods is spherification. The process is used to create caviar like balls that can take on any flavour, sauce or topping. Alginate, a seaweed extract, is mixed with Calcium to form a pearl like shape.
This is the same process that our newest product, the Spherificator, replicates.

Spherification usually requires using a pipette or syringe to make beads out of liquified food and sodium alginate, which is dispensed into a water and calcium chloride mix, causing a reaction that encapsulates the liquid in a membrane. The Spherificator takes the place of the syringe or pipette, shooting out the liquid mixture into the solution. The result is a “popping boba,” which bursts when squeezed.

The small appliance has two nozzles you can detach for different-sized pearls. With its seven ounce capacity, you will be able to create up to 700 pearls per minute. Some
of the recipes the makers suggest include coffee pearls for desserts or beverages, a side of strawberry beads for cheesecake, and pearls suspended in champagne for raising a glass and making your next toast.

Spherificator Ingredients Pack
Included in this Spherificator Ingredients Pack is 100g of Sodium Alginate (an extract of seaweed), 100g of Sodium Citrate (a sodium salt of Citric Acid) and 100g of Calcium Lactate (an extract of lactic acid). All 3 are needed for the production of caviar, pearls, spaghetti and spheres using spherification techniques.

K E Y  F E A T U R E S

+ Easy to use & clean
+ Up to 200ml (7oz) capacity
+ Simplistic design
+ Very light & silent
+ Produces pearls in seconds
+ Included in every kit: 70g of Sodium Alginate, 100g of Calcium Chloride, 100g of Sodium Citrate, 2 stainless steel nozzles, and a recipe booklet containing 18 triedand-
true recipes as well as a detailed how-to guide for tackling your own inventions
+ HxWxD (mm) 254 x 76 x 76 Spherificator Ingredients Pack
+ 100g of Sodium Alginate, an extract of seaweed
+ 100g of Sodium Citrate, a sodium salt of Citric Acid
+ 100g of Calcium Lactate, an extract of Lactic Acid