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SousVideTools® Fresco 300 Vacuum Packing Machine

SousVideTools® Fresco 300 Vacuum Packing Machine

SousVideTools® Fresco 300 Vacuum Packing Machine


The SousVideTools® Fresco 300 is compact, easy to use and reliable. These vacuum packing machines provide the ideal solution for businesses that require an incredibly hygienic and cost-effective solution for, consistent, simple vacuum packing.

The SousVideTools® Fresco 300 features a 8m³/h SousVideTools® Vacuum Pump & a 300mm Sealing Bar. Full vacuum takes 20-35 seconds. The maximum bag size is 300mm x 400mm. It features an easy-to-use digital control panel & easy-to-read pressure indicator. It includes a free servicing pack & features a 2 year warranty.

The Fresco 300 is made entirely of a stainless steel construction, including the internal structure, vacuum chamber and bodywork, thus guaranteeing robust and reliable machines. It feature simple to use controls and a 8m³/h SousVideTools® Vacuum Pump as standard, so it remains consistently powerful in operation. The Fresco has been designed to reduce the work surface space required meaning that it can be used anywhere. With this vacuum packing machine hygiene was a key priorities so the machine was designed with rounded corners so no food debris can get stuck and a sealing bar that is simple to remove. When using this machine for Sous Vide cooking the double seam closure not only seals the pouch but prevents contamination of the water bath. This machine is a cost effective vacuum packaging solution.


+ Sealing bar length of 300mm
+ SousVideTools vacuum pump 8m3/hr suction
+ Timer controlled vacuum
+ Machine cycle: 20-35 sec
+ Vacuum "quick-stop" as the push of a button
+ User friendly and low maintenance
+ AISI 304 stainless steel housing
+ Simple to use electronic control system
+ Convexed lid for extra height
+ Easily removable sealing bar for cleaning
+ Extremely easy to clean
+ Deep chamber with round corners
+ Full CE approval
+ External Dimensions: 359(h) x 356(w) x 425(d)mm
+ Internal Dimensions:130(h) x 300(w) x 350(d)mm

more detailed Spec available upon request